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Russian Restaurant Podvorye
16 Filtrovskoye shosse, Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg
Podvorye is well known as "the most authentic Russian restaurant». It is famous for its genuine Russian cuisine and traditional style far beyond St. Petersburg and loved not only by its own regular local clientele, but also by popular celebrities, aristocrates and intellectuals.
Castle BIP
Hotel and Restaurant Castle BIP
4 Mariinskaya, Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg
Bip Castle - built by Emperor Paul I in 1797 to serve as his residence. The Castle was restored as boutique hotel and restaurant by Gutsait Group Company in 2011.
Pevcheskaya Bashnya
Restaurant project Pevcheskaya Bashnya
7 Licejskij pereulok, Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg
Exceptional project located in the historic building in the very center of Tsarskoye Selo, combining two formats: gastronomic and cultural.
Uno Cafe
Restaurant Uno Cafe
2A Novovestinskaya, Tyarlevo, St. Petersburg
Contryside style restaurant suitable for family celebrations. Located opposite the entrance to the Pavlovsk Park near the historic pavilion "Farm" by architect A. Voronikhin.
Hermitage Kitchen
Restaurant Hermitage Kitchen
16 Sadovaya, Pushkin, Sankt-Peterburg
Restaurant in the historic pavilion at the entrance to the Catherine Park. Ideal place for weddings situated near the Wedding Palace with elegant classic halls and view on the park.
Restaurant SV
Srednyaya ul., 2, Pushkin, Sankt-Peterburg
Новый ресторан холдинга Gutsait Group, расположенный в самом сердце Царского Села.
Restaurant Yalta
Pavil'on Urickogo, 1V, Pushkin, St. Petersburg
Spacious restaurant with Crimean Tatar cuisine designed in the warm and bright style of the Crimean coast. The restaurant has a private courtyard with playground and summer terrace.
Restaurant in the park Admiralteistvo
Catherine Park, Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg
Restaurant Admiral located in a historic building with a picturesque view of the Great Pond of Catherine's Park. This is one of the most beautiful places in Tsarskoe Selo for unforgettable celebrations.
Pizza uno momento
Pizza delivery Pizza uno momento
8 Generala Khazova, Pushkin
5 Anisimova, Kolpino
Novovestinskaya ul., 2-a, Tyarlevo
Pizza delivery service and Italian-style restaurants located in St. Petersburg.
Oscar catering
Premium catering Oscar catering
Filtrovskoye s., 16, Tyarlevo, St. Petersburg
Catering service with 20 years' experience.
We organize unforgetable events - from design creation and table setting to impeccable service.
Pivnaya kruzhka
Restaurants Pivnaya kruzhka
8 Generala Khazova, Pushkin
5 Anisimova, Kolpino
Two restaurants with varied "beer cuisine" - located in Pushkin and Kolpino.
Club-restaurant Borscht
20 Moskovskaya, Pushkin
14/50 Oranzhereynaya, Pushkin
Only one dish is served here - of course, borscht. There are lean and meat borscht, author's - with bear meat or duck. You can order as much borscht as you want, and exactly the one that you especially like.
Public Hall Gutsait Group
Сultural space Public Hall Gutsait Group
Moskovskaya s., 20, Pushkin, Sankt-Peterburg
There is the unique space combining the format of concerts and interesting events, the earliest breakfasts from 6 am and a mini-market with products of our own production.
dining room
Right side dining room
Moskovskaya s., 20, Pushkin, Sankt-Peterburg
Canteen Gutsait Group on Moscow, 20, Right side.
Bathhouse Gutsait Group
Bathhouse Bathhouse Gutsait Group
Northwestern Federal District, St. Petersburg, Pushkinsky district, Pavlovsk, Nadgornaya street, 16V
A real gray bathhouse in Pavlovsk in a park area on the banks of the Slavyanka River.
Кондитерский Цех
Pastry Кондитерский Цех
"Gutzeit" Kolhoz
Community "Gutzeit" Kolhoz
Gatchina, Leningradskaya Oblast
A new project - a collective farm with the production of environmentally friendly products. The project is under development.
The A.M. Gorchakov School
Contemporary rendering of the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum The A.M. Gorchakov School
2 Yelizavetinskaya, Pavlovsk, Saint-Peterburg
Being inspired by the Imperial Lyceum educational model the A.M. Gorchakov School develops the traditions of classical education, understanding it as one of the main life values and as a vital component of purposeful societal development.

About Gutsait Group

The Gutsait Group Company is a family-owned business, founded in 1993 by the entrepreneur Sergey Gutsait who continues to be not only its founder, but also the main mastermind.

Sergey Gutsait is one of the most successful restaurateurs in Russia. He is the owner of "Podvorye" - the restaurant of Russian cuisine, the restorer of the historic BIP Castle and the “Pevcheskaya Bashnya” tower, the founder of the Gorchakov school (inspired by Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum and created with respect to the Liceum traditio.ns).

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