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Отмена мероприятий
Отменена музыкальная программа
до 29.11.20
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Opening Hours
Daily 12:00 - 11:00PM
+7 (812) 901-08-08
7 Licejskij pereulok, Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin)
various halls and restaurants
102 metres
above sea level
types of cuisine
Learn about everything that happened in the restaurants of the holding lately


Feel the atmosphere of "Pevcheskaya Bashnya" Tower


Porcini Mushroom Soup
Duck fillet with nuts
Perch fillet with lobster sauce
Cheese balls with indian chutney
Salad with white wood mushrooms
Fried milk

Our Team

Victoria Koksharova
Alexander Kiryushin
Hai Fenghai
Сhef of the "China" hall
Akhilesh Kumar
Сhef of the "India" hall
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About us

The project is located in the thirty-meter historic water tower near the famous Lyceum Garden in the heart of Tsarskoe Selo.
On the first floor you can find the hall called "Sochi". Here you can dine in self-service format or by choosing dishes from the main menu. In the left wing there is a store of exclusive gifts and souvenirs. Here you can find designer jewelry, works of artists, metal and wood masters, unique pieces of clothing.
On the second floor you'll find the "Odessa" hall, where you can enjoy live music concerts (from Wednesday to Sunday). Here you can sit in the central area on cozy sofas or choose one of three separate locations. 
The hall "Karaoke" is situated nearby.
On the third floor you will find the hall "China". Here chef Hai Fenhai prepares authentic dishes.
The rooms of the "Apartment Mariazh " are located on the fourth, fifth and sixth floor.
On the seventh floor you'll find a surpising Vodka-bar with many varieties of vodka. At the very top of the tower there an observation deck.
From this spot you can see the Catherine Palace, part of the park, the Catherine Cathedral and the roofs of Tsarskoe Selo in all its glory.

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"Pevcheskaya Bashnya" project

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