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About the school

The school
Gorchakov Memorial School was conceived as, and strives to be, a contemporary rendering of the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum.

We regard education as one of the most important aspects of a child's education and rearing and admit only children from families which share this belief and have high expectations for their children's education.

«Scholarship, accountability, morality» – Motto of Gorchakov Memorial School.
Our Campus
Gorchakov Memorial School is located on the territory of the former country residence of the architect Alexander Pavlovich Bryullov. The main building was designed by Bryullov himself in 1837, and construction began that same year. 

The main building was designed by Bryullov himself in 1837, and construction began that same year. The first floor is constructed of stone, the second of timber, and the building is covered by a gable-style roof. To the west of the main building, connected by a two-story wing, is a four-story brick tower, topped with an observation platform and a dome similar to that of an observatory. Not only was astronomical observation a hobby of Bryullov's, he was also the architect of St. Peterburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory.
Gorchakov's Guiding Principles

Gorchakov Memorial School views education as a vital component of purposeful societal development. Gorchakov adheres to all the state educational requirements and, at the same time, builds upon the best innovations from both Russian and foreign educational experience.

Students at Gorchakov are given every opportunity to develop their creative faculties. Offerings toward this purpose include a rigorous core curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and projects, intellectual games and activities, educational trips throughout Russia and abroad, local cultural excursions, participation in academic competitions, public events hosted by the School and other organizations, etc.

The School values its relationship with the parents of its pupils and encourages them to not only participate in discussions, but to actively be involved with and contribute to the educational policies of the School.

Endowment fund
Owner's fund of the target capital "Endowment of the A.M. Gorchakov School" was registered in 2011. The purpose of the endowment fund is to create an independent financial instrument that guarantees the long-term and effective work of the School, which is currently 60% financed by the founder’s own funds. The School Endowment Fund will provide a quality classical education for promising young men from families with modest incomes.

The fund is  based on the philanthropists' donations for the development of the School which form target capital that is invested in the stock market, in real estate, is placed on deposits in order to obtain its constant growth. The target capital itself is inviolable, "eternal" - the school receives only income from investments.
2020, 2022 and 2024
planned enrolments
three grades - 6th, 8th and 10th
are studying at school at the moment
18 pupils maximum
in every grade
every 2-3 years
school enrollment


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