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We invite you to the restaurants of the Gutsait Group holding for the Meat Festival

09 December 2021
In December, as part of the festival, you can taste dishes from marbled beef of the Limousine variety.
* French bull Limousine (Limousin province), purchased at an international exhibition, was specially bred under special conditions (natural balanced nutrition and free range) on its own farm in the Gatchina region (Commune "Good time").
The age of the bull is 2.5 years, the weight of the bull is 1160 kg.
Bulls of the Limousine breed are extremely rare for breeding in the Leningrad region. This breed was bred for the preparation of meat delicacies.
It is possible to look at the carcass of this giant in the courtyard of the Podvorie restaurant.
* After the meat is ripe, an "auction" will be held among the chefs of our restaurants, where they will purchase different parts of the meat carcass and prepare their specialties from it.
* Also restaurant guests will be able to taste a unique dish invented by Sergei Edidovich Gutsait - "Assorted Limousin". These are the best pieces of Limousine beef (rump, flank, bee, shank, brisket), melted in their own juice. The best beef cooked in the simplest way. The real taste of meat in its original form!
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