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Opening Hours
Daily 12:00 - 11:00PM,
8:00AM - 11:00AM breakfasts
+7 (812) 454-54-64
16 Filtrovskoye shosse, Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg


Feel the unique atmosphere of our Restaurant
Learn about everything that happened in the restaurants of the holding lately
25 years' experience
210 seats
on two summer terraces
6 halls with 440 seats
for any of your events
Average check


Various Russian pies
Crucian carp in sour cream
Royal fish soup
Russian pancakes with red caviar
Traditional beverage Kvass
Elk meat cutlet
Pumpkin fritters with seeds

Our Team

Elena Shitkova
Restaurant manager
Roman Delyagin
Sergey Ishutin
of Podvorye Restaurant
Aleksey Galochkin
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About us

Opened in 1993, the Podvorye ("Coach House" in Russian ) restaurant has since become known as «the most authentic Russian restaurant». In addition to having its own regular clientele, it has established a reputation in Saint Petersburg and far beyond.

Restaurants at travel destinations worldwide may as a rule be divided into those patronized by tourists and those favored by connoisseurs of fine cooking. Podvorye is remarkable for being equally esteemed by travelers as well as local residents. Intellectuals and aristocrats from various countries, actors, sports figures, politicians – and all those who appreciate the art of good eating and love genuine Russian cuisine– thoroughly enjoy their visits to Podvorye.

A bear greets the guests with a glass of vodka; our menu opens to a variety of meat and fish courses, game felled in the hunting fields, classic Russian soups and an assortment of pickles. True to Russian tradition, our helpings are served generously; while a full panoply of vodkas are served - from Birch-bud to Horse-radish or Cranberry to name but a few - all made specially for Podvorye on site at Verkhniye Mandrogi, Leningrad Region.


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