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24 Kievskaya, Yalta (Central grocery market)
Opening Hours
daily 11:00 - 23:00 PM
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Peppers with the garlic marinade
Tsimmes with figs and sugar beans
Drink with wild pears, apples and wild rose
Poppy cake without flour
Pork and Pickle Cutlet
Cucumber cream-soup
About the restaurant
Here we find the perfect combination of simple products, cook unique dishes and invent new ones
About the cuisine
The restaurant’s cuisine is not connected with any existing culinary tradition. Every day we invent new unique dishes
About the menu
The basis for endless creativity is the variety of recipies collected from different cuisines all over the world. The price is same for everything : 1 ruble per 1 gram
About the fresco
"Taynaya Vecherya" means "The Last Supper" in Russian. One of the entrances to the restaurant is marked with an enlarged copy of Leonardo Da Vinci's fresco
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About us

Perhaps this restaurant is the most unusual one among other restaurants in Yalta. 
For those who are tired of boring cuisine, here we created something unusual by finding the perfect combination of the simplest products, and taking the recipes of Jewish, Georgian, Armenian, Tatar, Russian, Greek, Mediterranean cuisines as the basis for endless creativity.
You can walk through the grocery market with the chef of the restaurant and choose the products for your dish that will be prepared according to all your wishes or according to your own recipe.
"Taynaya Vecherya" is a special restaurant, where everything is unusual and provocative, literally everything: location, interior, menu. And even the price of food is the same for everything: 1 ruble per 1 gram.

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