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Finnish dish


Weight-1.5 kg
The cost was 6500 RUB

Designed for 4-6 people

We prepare for you a unique dish of Finnish cuisine-lamb stewed in a wooden trough with Soy!

First, the meat is soaked in salt for a few days, then cooked in a preheated oven. And then put in a special birch trough and sent to the oven for a few hours. As a result of a long slow languor, the meat turns out to be deliciously tender and melting in the mouth!

We prepare the dish according to the traditional recipe in its true execution. After all, recently a Finnish chef came to us, who conducted a training master class on cooking Syari.

Order Syari in "Admiralty" is carried OUT 3 DAYS before the date of visiting the restaurant. We will also be happy to deliver the Syaryu for your home holiday.

Details by phone:
(812) 465-35-49
Tsarskoe selo,
Catherine park