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Verkhniye Mandrogi village,
Leningrad oblast
+7 (812) 347-94-04


Marvelous village Mandrogi
Unforgetabble vacation
Traditional Russian Banya and SPA with stone therapy and massage
More than 10 types of traditional entertainment
Diverse entertainment programs for each
and every one
19th century atmosphere
A unique project - the only program in Russia that allows you to see an authentic life of the country
14 accommodation options
Our guests are offered 9 different houses, 2 log "Izba" houses (19th century), a manor, rooms in a tavern and a hotel


cottage cheese pancakes
Assorted dish "Mandrogi"
millet porrige
Pancakes with salmon
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About us

Mandrogi is a marvelous authentic village located 270 km from St. Petersburg between famous lakes Ladoga and Onega.

In addition to the classic XIX century wooden "Izba" huts (transported here from the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions), carved houses, hotels and big house, there is a handicraft settlement, where honored artisans of Russia work. Mandrogi has a unique museum of Russian vodka, the fairytale forest “Lukomorye” where you can meet fairy-tale heroes, traditional Russian banya, a mini-zoo, stables. And for those who have decided to plunge into traditional Russian life, there is a special program - “Immersion in the XIX Century”.

The main attraction of Mandrog is gastronomic one. Only here you can taste such delicious pies, cereals and other dishes of authentic Russian cuisine. 

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